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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I get a dumpster delivered?

We would like a one day notice, but sometimes same day delivery can be arranged.


Do I need to be present when it is delivered?

We do recommend that someone is there to show the driver where to place it, but we do deliver if someone is not available, as long as a spot is marked.


Can I place the Dumpster in the driveway or on the lawn?

Yes both places are okay.


When do you come pick the dumpster up?

We will not pick it up until we here from you, there is no rush, once you call for a pickup, either that day or the following day it will be removed.


I don't think I will fill the dumpster all the way up, will there be an extra charge because of that?

Absolutely not, you only pay for the weight of the material loaded in the dumpster. 


I don't think a full size rolloff truck can fit in my driveway, its really tight?

No problem, we offer a smaller hooklift truck with 10 and 15 cubic yard dumpsters, if a pickup truck can fit, so can we.


I know I will not fit everything in one dumpster, can I get it back?

Sure, we can swap the full one with an empty when we come, that way you are not delayed.  


What items can't go in the dumpster?

No liquids of any type

No asbestos of any kind

No hazardous materials

Tires-Mattresses [extra charge]

Items containing freon [refrigerators-freezers-AC units] [extra charge] 

Any questions please just ask us when placing an order.


How can I pay for the Dumpster?

Dave Wickles Trucking accepts the following:


Check-personnel or bank 

Credit Cards



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