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About Dave Wickles Trucking

Dave Wickles Trucking is a family owned and operated company that was started back in the early 80s by Dave Sr.  At that time there were very few options in and around the Pioneer Valley for dumpster service.  Thru the years Dave Wickles Trucking has established ourselves as the roll-off company to go to for exceptional service.  Being a smaller company we have more of a one on one with our customers.  Thru the years we have established a great repeat customer base with new customers being added daily.  


Looking to do a cleanup, or cleanout, demolition job, or just have questons on dumpsters and waste disposal, or recycling, we always offer free estimates.  Let our experience in the waste industry benefit you today, please call our office for questons and pricing.  247-9231


Dave Wickles Trucking offers open top rolloff containers from 10-40 cubic yards for a one time cleanup to a permanent installation.  We also have Stationary compacters up to 40 cubic yards for businesses, factories, etc.  We have self-contain compactors up to 35 cubic yards for any waste that would be wet, like supermarkets and restaurants.  They can also be used strickly for food waste.  We offer 10-30 cubic yard recycle dumpsters for paper, cardboard, and glass.  You name it, Dave Wickles Trucking can accommodate, you the customer.  Unsure,  exactly you might need, please call our friendly experienced staff, we will work with you to help solve your waste disposal and recycling needs.


We also offer demolition services, consisting of barns, houses, garages, etc.  You name it we can take it down.  We have the heavy equipment and the trucks to handle the small jobs to the big jobs.  Please contact us for more info.

Your complete Roll-off Container service provider

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